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Don't lose important messages that need everyones attention. Buzz posts are great for polls, training, recognition, memos, chatter and more.

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Our team uses Buzz for:

  • Memos
  • Goals
  • Polls
  • Holidays
  • Recognition
  • Summaries
  • Training
  • Chatter


Can anyone post buzz?

Yes, all users can be given permission to post, although we generally recommend just allowing team leaders and management to use it as a tool to keep everyone aligned.

Are Buzz posts visible to the whole team?

When creating a buzz post, you can either choose several team members, or allow your whole team to view it. You can even post a buzz to your own workspace for ideation and reminders.

Who can comment on a buzz post?

Anyone that receives a buzz post can comment on it, make reactions, and attach files.

Why does Buzz ask users to confirm a post?

It's an actionable way for users to commit to the topic and acknowledge accountability so you don’t need go around and ask everyone personally if they 'got the memo'. We recently added read receipts, so on top of seeing who opened your post you will also see who confirmed it, allowing for an even deeper level of transparency and accountability.

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