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Events are a shared tool to easily track all your meetings, tasks and deadlines. It is as simple as a calendar and as useful as a personal assistant.

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Mark events with custom labels to visually navigate what's where


Attach files directly to events, so every document stays in it's place


Download the event and add it to another calendar in one click


Find anything in events in a few kw's with integrated search


Can I assign members that are not on my team?

You can only create and assign events for yourself, members of your team, or members of teams that you've been invited to. However, if you ever need to assign something to someone that's not on your team....simply invite them!

Can I invite people that are not using Ledger?

Yes! Simply invite new members to your team. Once the invitation's been accepted, you will be able to assign items to these new members. If someone's not using Ledger, and you don't feel they should be invited to your team as a permanent member, consider creating an event and downloading the ICS file. The other user will be able to add these events easily to their current calendars (zoom meetings, anyone?).

Can everyone see my events?

Only users who are added as participants can see the event and comment on it. However, some participants may have a 'view all' permission enabled (settings > members > roles). This is generally used as a tool by management or team leaders to keep all assignments on track.

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