Avoid These CRM Mistakes in 2021

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A simple and powerful piece of CRM can completely transform your business. Take it from us, people who have experienced this transformation first hand. Good CRM software is a game changer. Now, let’s add a healthy dose of reality to the mix. A powerful CRM is only as transformative as its implementation allows. And that’s where things to fall apart for most companies.

Whether it’s picking overly complex software, spending endless time in trainings, or paying for something that won’t fit your team in a year, there are probably a hundred ways to go wrong. That results in thousands of dollars wasted, time lost on training and inefficiency, and a bored and burnt out team.

Not what we like to see. So, we’re going to break down a few CRM mistakes you need to avoid in 2021. 

Mistake #1: Forgetting the End Users

Probably the biggest CRM mistake you can make is forgetting the people who will be using it, day in and day out. Not all sales teams are created equal, and the same goes for CRMs. Without understanding the on-the-ground workflow of your team, you may end up with a tool that doesn’t fit the job. Or one that will leave you purchasing a bunch of add-ons down the line.

How well do you know what your team needs? Will this CRM actually work for them? Interviewing your team to find out their pain points, hopes, dreams, etc. will end up making the difference between a CRM your team hates and one they will love.

Mistake #2: Neglecting Scalability

When everything’s going right, companies grow. Even when things are only going so-so, they still might grow. So any tools you choose to add into the mix should grow with your company. Neglecting to consider a CRM’s scalability may result in outgrowing your software in six months, a year, or two years. That means a new search, new training, new contracts—which all can be prevented.

Instead, upgrade app scalability from nice-to-have to must-have status. If you’re choosing a new CRM with the express goal of growing your business, you should also think about what tool your future business will need to thrive.

Mistake #3: Going All-In, Too Fast

Thinking about implementing a new app is a lot like picturing yourself in a new car. You’re thinking about all the bells and whistles, the storage capacity, the smooth ride or auto-parking features. You’re thinking about just how different things will be once you drive it off the lot. It’s an exciting feeling. However, all this excitement can lead to poor purchasing decisions, and the same goes when selecting a CRM.

Jumping headfirst into a CRM with all the bells and whistles isn’t always a wise idea. Remember that every bell and whistle is something you’ll need to train on, and retrain on. Transitioning CRM software—or implementing your first ever—can be an arduous process. The bigger and bulkier the tool, the longer the process will take.

In the end, finding a simple, intuitive tool that handles your most basic needs with ease will give you an advantage. From there, each expanded feature will be easier to learn, remember, and appreciate.

Avoid These CRM Mistakes — and Reap the Rewards

Yes, CRM can transform your business. But only if you let it. 

There are so many mistakes you can make on the path to purchasing and implementing a CRM for your company. But putting the extra time and care into finding just the right solution will make a world of difference. And in our experience, nothing beats a simple, powerful, user-centric tool that adapts to the team using it. 

Trust us. The results will speak for themselves.

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