Ledger: A Solution for Freelancers

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Contract work is hard work. From setting a schedule and managing project timelines to handling your billing, taxes, and everything else—there’s a lot that goes into a freelancing career or side hustle. And sometimes, that behind-the-scenes business is the easy part. Because if there’s one thing you discover over time as a contract worker, it’s that the more clients and projects you end up managing, the more cluttered your workspace is going to become.

Client A works on Basecamp, Client B prefers Trello. Client C doesn’t have a project management tool but they like to message on Slack. Logins, logins, logins. As far as the eye can see.

Too Many Logins: A Dire Problem for Freelancers

Sadly, most platforms really aren’t that all that great at allowing users to join multiple teams. Some may allow users to join multiple channels for communication only—but it’s hard to find a fully-baked platform that allows a user to communicate and manage projects, tasks, and just about everything else that comes with work. So, if you’re a full-time employee at a startup handling marketing, you’re in luck. If you’re a contract worker, it’s another story entirely.

Nobody feels the pain of too many logins more than contract workers, like designers, developers, writers, and consultants. Many freelancers have a set workflow that they will tune and adjust to some extent for each client. Perhaps two rounds of edits are included and a third or fourth can be added for x dollars. Or an hourly discount might be added if a client is willing to put up a retainer.

But none of this protects a freelancer from the actual creative infrastructure of each client. A designer who is contracted to assist four different clients realistically may end up with four different passwords, four different usernames, four different profiles to build out, and four different apps to learn.

Even if picking up a new app counts as a billable hour for you, is it creatively fulfilling? Or would you work in one space if you could?

Ledger: A Solution for Freelancers

Through Teams, Ledger transforms the way that freelancers engage with their clients and work on multiple projects across multiple organizations. Seamlessly. There are two ways to do it: Joining your clients’ teams or creating your own.

As a freelancer, your Ledger profile can be added to an unlimited number of different teams, giving you the ability to bounce back and forth between them as your work demands. Any client with Ledger can add a seat to their team for you. So you can maintain your personal profile, and jump between workspaces to manage each client.

And you remain in complete control of your own information and personal workspace. So no more last minute contract downloads or screen grabs for a portfolio. You’ll always have your personal, single user profile and storage—which you can continue to use to house your work, invoices, and just about anything else.

However, you can also create your own team, which adds even more flexibility. You won’t have to require that the companies you work with use Ledger and invite you to their teams. Simply add seats and utilize groups and you’re ready to go!

For example, a freelancer with Client A, Client B, and ClientC can create different groups to segment each one. Because the permissions inLedger allow users only to see what you’ve decided they can see, your projects for Client A are only visible to Client A.  Client B’s projects are only visible to ClientB. And Client C’s projects are only visible to Client C. No privacy concerns, no prying eyes.

Ledger ensures you have the tools you need to do your best work—and that means approaching your freelance work however you want. Simply your workspace, organized how you choose. Your client chats and messaging all in one place. Your time in your hands. And your freelance career, streamlined and supercharged.

It’s that simple.

Teams: Empowering Freelancers to Do Their Best Work

Growing your career as a freelancer is hard work, but it shouldn’t be made harder because of the apps you use to do that work. We believe in making your work simple.

And with Teams, that means one login, unlimited teams, and endless potential to streamline and focus your contract work—whether you’re a designer, a developer, a writer, a producer, or anything else.

To us, that’s the future of freelancing. And we think it should be yours, too.


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