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Perfect for managing your work and accepting invites to teams.
Great for smaller teams. Per user/month, billed annually. Monthly plans are $15/user.
Ideal for growth. Per user/month, billed annually. Monthly plans are $22/user.


Ability to create your own team. Pro tip: use a single team for your entire company, and form new teams for clients, agencies etc.
Over 50 members requires upgrading to our Professional  plan. This is $30/user and comes with unlimited teams, groups and 100GB storage per user.
Up to 10
Up to 50
Easily organize larger teams into groups, such as sales, marketing, development, legal, etc



Reporting + Data

Coming soon




I was invited to a team, is my account free?

Yes! The inviting team pays for all seats on the account. However, if you would like to build your own team and invite users, you will need to purchase seats for each invited user.

If the team inviting chooses not to renew your seat, you will still have access to your personal workspace under our Individual plan.

Can I belong to multiple teams?

Yes! Under our individual plan you can be invited to join as many teams as you would like. However, under our team and enterprise plans, you can also create your own team (enterprise users can create unlimited teams). So if you have separate design or development teams you work with, you can simply create a new team for each one and invite people to join. It's that easy.

My team is pretty big, how should I use Ledger best?

Any account over 50 users will need to upgrade to our Professional plan (up to 250 users). This plan is $30/user and can be upgraded inside our app. Under this plan you can create groups inside your teams and you can form an unlimited number of teams. This is great when you have several divisions and want to have them collaborate when needed. So sales can have their independent discussions, but can be looped into marketing and management when needed. Everything is roles and permissions based, so the way you want your team to communicate can be fully customized.

Note: creating a new team for each agency or client you work with is another great way to use the unlimited team feature.

We need to invite more people to our team. How will that work?

You will see how many seats you have left for your team in the settings > billing section. If you run out of seats, but you need more users, simply add more seats.

How do I invite users to Ledger?

Inside Ledger, under settings, there is a members section where you can invite members and fine tune their permissions. Invited users are sent an email, and will be guided through a simple registration process to accept.

Do you offer onboarding service?

We made Ledger so simple to use, most users feel they can pick it up and get started right away, no special training needed. But, if you get stuck, we have a great FAQ section with tips and tricks. If you need even more support, simply open the support chat inside Ledger or email us at

Does Ledger have a mobile app?

We built Ledger to work seamlessly on any device you're on, without needing to install a separate app. So if you love using a desktop computer at the office and your mobile phone at the gym, we got you covered. Just keep in mind there are a few, subtle differences between each device, such as the way you may navigate views on the top of each section.

Pro tip: if you want to create a bookmark to Ledger on your iPhone or iPad and have it work just like an app (and similarly on Android devices),  simply open the Ledger app in Safari, click the share icon on your browser, and then choose 'add to home screen'. This will then create a dedicated app-icon right to your Ledger account so you always have one-click access.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and payments are processed automatically each billing period.

Do you have a refund policy?

We offer a free 30 day trial on all paid subscriptions so your team can see if Ledger is a good fit. After this trial period has ended, there is no refund policy moving forward.

Do plans require a minimum number of seats?

For users to get the right experience from Ledger, it's best experienced with at least a few people. Our Basic plan begins with three seats for this reason. If you need additional features, such as creating groups or additional teams, our Team and Professional plans comes with five seats to kick start your growth.

Why does Ledger cost a little more than others?

By combining five essential features into a single platform, and trimming away all the expensive buzzwords and add-ons, we save most teams not only the money they would have to pay juggling multiple subscriptions, but lost hours in productivity. Most teams find that on average, our cost per user is substantially lower with this approach, with a higher net promoter and user satisfaction score.

What support is offered for Team and Professional plans?

You will have access to on-demand ticketing and product support, with 2 hour turnaround time for Enterprise users, and 24 hours for Team users. Enterprise plans also come with guided phone support when needed.

Do you offer customization and/or support for sales teams?

Yes! We have a full suite of CRM features like sales pipeline management, lead scoring, customer profiles, and more that we will be adding to Ledger in the coming months. If you have a customization request for the current platform, please email us at

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