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Projects is a simple productivity tool for users of all abilities, to keep your team's deadlines and assignments on-track and on-time.

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Progress bar

See what tasks need more attention with a progress bar


Attach files directly to cards, so everything stays cohesive


Find that project or task quickly with integrated search


Mark cards with custom labels, then use filters to sort by label for quick retrieval


Rearrange the columns and cards with a simple "drag and drop"


Track all activity on cards and tasks through the activity tab


Are projects like Basecamp and similar platforms?

Yes, just like in Basecamp you can create many projects and manage discussions easily for tasks and to-do's. However, many of these platforms only offer project management and nothing else, forcing teams to augment their needs with additional apps and subscriptions. We consider this feature one of five essentials teams need to stay aligned, and include all five to keep you productive; without all the app switching.

Can I delete completed projects?

You can either delete the project forever, or just change the status of a project to "close" so you can have access to it later. Hint: for quick retrieval of closed projects, set up a saved filter.

Can I add members that are not on my team?

You can assign members from other groups if your team is on our Enterprise plan, but you can not add members from other teams unless you add them to your team first.

How many people can participate in a project?

As many as you like! You can add the whole team to the project, a single group, or just choose a few participants.

How much storage do I get in each project?

Your storage depends on your plan. Single users can enjoy up to 5 GB of overall file storage on us. Our Team plan comes with 100 GB of storage per user, and our Enterprise plan offers up to 1TB. If you’re a single user who has been invited to join a team, you can access your personal storage separately from the team’s storage.

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