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Something always gets lost in a chat or email. Have your ongoing group discussions comfortably split into streams. Yes, threads are included.

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Yes, reactions are included. Who doesn't love a good reaction?


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Are streams like channels?

Yes, similar to other platforms that use the word channel, we like to call each of these conversations a stream. They're simple, easy to follow, and open. They both work in essentially the same way.

How many people can participate in a stream?

As many as you like! You can add the whole team to the stream, or choose only the necessary participants. They also work great as an ideation board for a solo user.

Can I find a list of all the attached files like in a regular chat?

Yes, you can access all the details of a stream, like attached files, attached links and participants, by clicking the details tab.

Can I adjust my notifications?

Yes! We know some other platforms can get a bit excessive with the pings and the emails. With streams, and other sections, you can quickly adjust the frequency of your in-app notifications and emails under Settings.

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