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From payroll and benefits, to vacation requests, eSignatures and write-ups, tickets does it all.

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Our team uses Tickets for:

  • Time-off
  • Suggestions
  • Scheduling
  • Complaints
  • Payroll
  • Benefits
  • Warnings
  • eSignatures
  • Requests
  • Write-ups


Can tickets be my go-to human resource tool?

It could be, depending on the size and scope of your team. We think it’s a great “light HR tool” and can usually cover most issues. However, tickets does not contain an employee scheduler or timecard function (yet). Teams also use tickets for customer support issues, as you can customize labels to suit your needs.

How can I send a ticket to management?

By default, most users will be given permission to create and send tickets (these roles can be turned on/off for  members if needed under permissions in settings). Simply open a new ticket, assign the member or manager you need to send it to, and hit save. You will then be notified when management replies, and can easily track the discussion inside each ticket. Once the ticket's resolved, simply close it. It's that easy.

Can I send tickets to other members of my team?

Yes, they can be sent to any member of the team, management or otherwise. Some teams even use tickets to manage customer request issues. The uses are endless.

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