A connected team thrives

No more switching apps

Ledger has the 5 necessary features you need for simple and effective teamwork. Plus chat.

Simplify setting tasks

Assign a task in Projects, get confirmation in Streams, and track it with Events - quickly and efficiently.

Untangle project tracking

Projects consolidates all your work and tasks in one place, with activity reports for improved tracking.

Get everyone from chatting back to work

Enjoy structured ongoing discussions in Streams, and keep track of important messages with Buzz, all in one app.

One simple app for a connected team

We personalize the experience so your employees quickly pick up the app, feel welcome and stay satisfied.

as many teams
as you need

Set up multiple teams - one for your primary company, and add others for any agency or contractor that you work with. Let your members and partners connect in the way they need.

One tool for every part of your business

  • Marketing
  • Contractors
  • Design
  • Support
  • Development
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Legal


How to use Ledger 101

There is no right way or wrong way to use Ledger. Since all of the tools work together, you can choose to use them all or just one or two, depending on your team's needs. Some smaller teams may start off using Streams for discussions and then add Projects and Chat as their members and needs grow. Larger teams will make immediate use of all the integrations available to manage their team and its teamwork, like using Buzz for announcements as a company newsfeed and Tickets to help manage all those vacation requests and performance reviews. There are countless ways to harness all the power Ledger has to offer. To learn more, click HERE.

How is Ledger different from Monday.com, Asana, Basecamp and Slack?

When it comes to project and team management tools, everyone will have a certain preference. Some may love very technical platforms with a lot of built in features and automation, others may prefer simpler experiences and fewer features. Wherever you fall on this spectrum, we don't feel there's a wrong choice out there—it's really what connects with you and matches your needs. To learn more, click HERE.

Can I invite people that are not using Ledger?

Yes! Simply invite new members to your team. Once the invitation's been accepted, you will be able to assign items to these new members. If someone's not using Ledger, and you don't feel they should be invited to your team as a permanent member, consider creating an event and downloading the ICS file. The other user will be able to add these events easily to their current calendars (zoom meetings, anyone?).

Does Ledger have a mobile app?

We built Ledger to work seamlessly on any device you're on, without needing to install a separate app. So if you love using a desktop computer at the office and your mobile phone at the gym, we got you covered. Just keep in mind there are a few, subtle differences between each device, such as the way you may navigate views on the top of each section.

Bring simplicity back to your work tools. Switch over to Ledger today.

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