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Simplify your

Ledger untangles work by unifying your discussions, tasks, and projects in a simpler tool your entire team will ❤️.
CapterraRated: 5 out of 5 stars
G2 ReviewsRated: 4 out of 5 stars

Projects? Streamlined.

Projects can have a lot of moving parts. Your collaboration tool shouldn't. Ledger harnesses the essential ways teams connect inside of an airy, engaging workspace, so work flows smoothly with less app-switching and fewer subscription costs.

“My experience has been fantastic. I'm amazed at the continual additions and improvements that are constantly being pushed. Ledger has a very intuitive "web 2.0" UI. I was able to easily navigate through the different features.”

Christina M.
Senior marketing VP

Have simpler, more
open discussions

Endless emails and cluttered channels are frustrating and unproductive. So we designed a simpler, lighter tool for your team to chat without feeling lost or overwhelmed.

Inside of each stream you will find a chat tab, where you can add comments, post replies, mention others, and pin important updates. And of course we included reactions, keeping your work light and engaging. You can even add guests or clients to any discussion, free of charge.
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Task management has never been easier

Bouncing between apps to manage discussions in one place and tasks in another doesn’t work. Ledger unlocks your innner get-stuff-done ninja, allowing your team to complete assignments and teamwork like never before with drag and drop simplicity.

Inside of each stream you will find a dedicated tab just for tasks, so you always know what’s due, what’s been done, and who needs a little nudge. You can even assign tasks to invited guests, no charge.

Schedule events and meetings in a cinch

Calendars don’t communicate well. So when you need to update a meeting time, send a new conference link, or add a comment or attachment it’s a back and forth loop that feels endless.

That’s why Ledger incorporates a shared calendar into each stream, so you always know when there’s something booked and can locate video links, files and comments fast. Plus, you can share events with your  guests, so everyone’s in-synch and on-time.

Brainstorm and
ideate in real time

Being able to brainstorm and solicit timely feedback is a hallmark of great teamwork. Which is why Ledger includes a shared ideation space for real-time collaboration.

It’s as simple as a whiteboard, and it’s attached to each stream you create. Use it to chart out workflows, post ideas and gather inspiration. There are endless possibilities. Plus, you can loop in clients or guests to get everyone on the same page faster than ever.

Create better docs together with AI Assist

Crafting compelling content as a team often involves endless revisions and lacks transparency. That's why we've introduced shared documents on every stream in Ledger. Now, you can easily track progress and stay updated in real-time.

With our AI Assist feature, you can kickstart your document creation process by generating a new document from scratch or start from a blank slate. Simply add participants, provide feedback, and witness your document taking shape quicker than ever before.

Side huddle with
direct messages

Not all teamwork is linear. It can zig and zag, and your collaboration tool’s job is to facilitate all the the nuanced ways your team connects.

That’s why Ledger includes DM’s. You can side huddle as needed with one person or many, share files, and reference anything throughout Ledger in a breeze. They stay open for as long as needed, and older comments aren’t archived (unlike some tools that charge more past 180 days). Oh, did we mention you can DM guests and clients?

The ultimate project collaboration tool

Ledger has everything your team needs to thrive baked right in. Refine comments with AI assist, harvest opinions with polls, and react or ideate in real time. There are boundless possibilities in one boundless tool.

AI Assist

Use our potent AI assistant to write docs, research topics, summarize discussions, expand notes, and adjust the overall tone of your comments.


In group discussions, things get busy. With Ledger, simply @mention a teammate or two to chat back and forth without interrupting the entire group.


Visualize it by adding a video or screen-share recording to any comment, without needing an extra subscription. Standard on most plans.


To reference anything in Ledger simply use hashtags to select a stream, an event or a task. Ledger will then create a link to that item. Couldn't be easier.


Getting your team on the same page with timely feedback is easy. Simply add a poll and watch as concensus builds. They can even be anonymous.


Want to get a quick pulse? Use @broadcast in any public stream. Everyone in the workspace will be notified and can reply back.


Looping in a client or a guest is not only easy in Ledger, it's free! Just add a guest to any stream or DM and they can collaborate like any other team member.


Streams can be set to public or private, and permissions for each member can be customized, so you can fine tune who sees what.


We take it seriously, and so should you. With 2FA enabled, Ledger houses a complete set of security protocols to keep snooping eyes out.




Ledger connects your team in a single tool that’s effortless to learn and a breeze to use, so you get more done 🤩.

See how an affordable, unified tool can streamline your business!

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Annual subscription savings compared to most other popular collaboration tools*
After switching to Ledger
Less app switching means more engagement
Files, links, and comments are all in one place
Quickly see what others are working on
Transparency keeps projects on-track
Loop in guests from other companies for free
Fewer subscriptions, greater cost savings
Less distractions saves hours each month
An open design enjoyed across devices
*Assumes bundled subscription costs vs. Ledger’s single price. Based on our growth plan.

Integrates with your current faves



Ledger integrates seamlessly with Zoom, allowing you to schedule events and add conference links with ease. Need to update a meeting time? Simply drag your event and it's done.


We unified all of the essential ways teams use Google. With one click you can safely login, attach files from your google storage, and add conference links. Easy breezy.


If you or your team uses Dropbox as a storage solution, it can be connected to Ledger with a single click. Simply select the attachment icon anywhere in Ledger and pick your file. Done and done.


We love using Calendly's super simple app to schedule out demos and meetings. If you share the love, we will be adding a Calendly integration to Ledger in the coming months!


Sometimes recording your screen with step by step narration is all it takes. Thankfully, we integrate with the leader in screen sharing, Loom. One click and you can record your screen seamlessly.


Need to update your company wiki or collaborate on internal documents? Notion's simplistic, potent platform integrates natively with Ledger, turbo-charging how your team writes.

Simplify  your teamwork

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