About Ledger

And how an easy-to-operate software concept was developed by a financial firm looking to make it’s team more productive.

The origins of Ledger

Ledger’s story dates back all the way to 2001—and the founding of a financial firm looking for the right CRM solution. While the company initially stuck to the team management tools available at the time, it soon became crystal clear that no product perfectly fit their needs.

The software that would eventually become Ledger wasn’t at all developed with the market in mind. It was developed internally for a single team. Ledger is only as powerful, as dynamic, and as simple as it is because for well over a decade its only priority was improvement.

Years and years went into perfecting this tool, and it wasn’t until it had propelled our own team to exciting new heights that we even realized it could do the same for others. That’s why Ledger, as we know it, exists today. To help propel other companies and teams to new heights.

Ledger brings simplicity: manifest

Some of the most powerful tools, messages, and moments in modern history have been the simplest. And that’s what Ledger brings: Simplicity.

We don’t believe you should have to choose between a system that can do it all and a system that is simple. We know you shouldn’t have to sacrifice power for simplicity, because we know simplicity unlocks power. And we know a simple, powerful team management tool can unlock the potential of a single team while making work more peaceful and more profitable.

A note from the founder

Ledger's a game changer. I know because I’ve seen it in action. If it can do so much for us, I’m convinced it can do the same for you.

The way modern teams work isn't as unified as you might think. Most juggle multiple software subscriptions, with each new addition filling in for the shortcomings of the one before it. Nothing's really connected, and that's been a growing problem.

When these tools don't communicate well, or when they're too complex for the average user, teamwork suffers. I see entire teams using email as their primary tool because in the end, it's simpler to use.

Ledger addresses this by unifying and simplifying the essential ways teams connect in a single space. Users don't get overwhelmed or scattered, and their work flows better. Even new hires can pick it up quickly.

Creating Ledger took years to perfect and thousands of people providing feedback. I hope you enjoy using this tool as much as I've enjoyed assembling it. The free trial is on me.

Light Silver, CEO & Founder

Our team

Michael Arieli
Chief Technical Officer
Kevin Monroe
Director of Communications
Jade Brown
Product Lead
Evan Atcheson
Team Leader
Judy Donaldson
Web Developer
Trevor Backer
Web Developer
Cindy Clapton
Chief Financial Officer
Annabelle Adams

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